Mid-conference excursion on March 9, 2021

excursion time from 14.00 to 19.00. Right after the excursion participants will be taken to the conference dinner.

We are providing two options for attendees to choose from:

TOur 1  Discover the taste of garden and meadow


At first, the road will lead to small family farm "Indrāni", which is growing and processing vegetables, herbs, fruits and herbal teas. The farm offers high quality canned food, herbal teas, aromatic spices and other products. http://www.zsindrani.lv/lv/

The excursion will continue with visiting the second farm "Ķeveiti", which rises four breeds of sheep and produces the wool, as well as rises poultry. The farm grows both traditional and non-traditional vegetables, such as asparagus and corncobs, and berries – goji berries, shadberries and sea buckthorn. The family itself farms, experiments and creates their products, as well as welcome guests. http://www.keveiti.lv/about/

tour 2 Honey and rye bread  


At first, you will visit the organic farm „Ķelmēni”, which grows cereals, mainly rye, and has its own organic bakery, where mainly rye bread is baked, that is so traditional and popular in Latvia. 

At the second part of the tour you will visit the family farm "Kalna Smīdes", which produces organic seeds, deals with beekeeping and grows nectar plants. The family conducts research in agronomy, beekeeping and organic farming, as well engage in rural tourism activities and in training other farmers in environmentally friendly farming. http://www.biomedus.lv/lv

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