A video tour of four organic farms will be available during the conference

During the conference you will have an opportunity to visit four organic farms in Latvia and to see how different and diverse organic farming can be. 

Farm "Indrāni"

“Indrāni” is a small organic farm, which is run by the family for three generations. Best known for syrups and jellies produced from 15 unusual plants, for instance, dandelion, red clover, and spruce needle.  Their organic products are sold also in their own online store. 

These farmers believe that working organically and taking care of home and land is a duty and they can’t imagine living in another way.


Farm "Ķeveiti"

Organic family farm “Ķeveiti” offers visitors to taste a real organic meal prepared a live fire. This family is different from other organic farmers visited in this video tour, because they have recently moved from the city to the countryside to escape the bustle of the city, and to teach their children the real values of life.                                               

Farmers are sure that working organically is the right way of living. They have proven it by working and living organically on their own organic farm and producing organic products.


FARM "kalna smīdes"

“Kalna Smīdes” is an organic farm with 25 years of experience. This is a relatively large farm known as a producer of organic honey from wild plants and locally grown nectar plants. Besides, the farm has been a certified organic seed producer for five years.

The company is the largest organic seed producer of the Latvian winter rye variety ‘Kaupo’.  


FARM "ĶElmēni"

Organic farm and bread bakery “Ķelmēni” grows its own organic grains from organic seeds for bread baking. “Ķelmēni” produces several types of bread, the best known of which is traditionally baked organic rye bread. In addition, very important for this farm is providing full-cycle and waste-free production is very important for this farm. The farm offers organic grain feed as a by-product of the baking process for local organic cattle farms.

The host of the farm 
and bread bakery always has been organic in his mind and is really confident and proud of their traditional bread.